On February 28, Moscow, Chairman of the High Council of Rugby Union of Russia Igor Artemyev and President of Asia Rugby Qais Al-Dhalai signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The memorandum of understanding provides various joint collaborations and projects for the development of rugby in Russia and Asia. Among the areas of cooperation were discussed
the Euro-Asian Rugby Sevens and Rugby Fifteens aside Tournaments, the participation of teams from the Asian part of Russia in tournaments under the auspices of Asia Rugby, cooperation with the Rugby Federations of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Mongolia in the field of army rugby, as well as a joint youth tournaments in the eastern regions of Russia.

“I am happy that today we met with the President of Asia Rugby Mr. Qais Al-Dhalai, who took the time to fly to Moscow. We signed the Memorandum and agreed on broad cooperation in the development of rugby in Russia and Asia. We talked about holding children’s tournaments, which can take place both here and in other countries of the Asian region; and of course, we discussed the creation of the Asian Rugby Champions Cup. As you know, in Europe such a tournament is only for rugby 7s but for rugby 15s there was a conversation about the exchange of personnel, education courses. I am grateful to Mr. Qais, who supports us in all endeavors and proposals. I really hope for further cooperation” Igor Artemyev commented on the signing of the Memorandum.

“I am glad to be in Moscow, thank you for inviting me to the meeting. Our relationship with Russia began during last December at Dubai Rugby Sevens where we met. Now it is my turn to come to Russia. We talked very productive, discussed working moments for the four-year Olympic qualifying cycle until 2024. All our efforts will be aimed at popularizing rugby and raising the image of our game around the world” said Mr. Qais Al-Dhalai in his reply.

Asia Rugby Executive Member and Secretary General of Rugby Federation of Uzbekistan Mr. Kakhramon Djalilov, the General Director and Chairman of the Board of Rugby Union of Russia Stanislav Druzhinin, The Deputy Chairman of the High Council of RUR Mikhail Zaritsky, the Deputy General Director of RUR Pavel Bugrov, the chairman of the Committee for the Development of Rugby Union of Russia in the Armed Forces Aleksey Mitryushin, RUR board members took part in the discussion of cooperation between the federations.

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