Meeting at the rugby federation between the leadership of the federation, representatives of JICA and the Japanese Embassy in Uzbekistan.

On July 1, 2020, at the office of the Rugby Federation of Uzbekistan, there was a meeting between the President of the Rugby Federation of Uzbekistan Sodik Safoev and the head of the JICA representative, Takasaku Muneo, and the Deputy Ambassador of Japan to Uzbekistan, Mr. Atsushi Court.

S. Safoev expressed his gratitude to the Japanese side for the ongoing development of relations between the two countries in the cultural and humanitarian spheres, noted the successes achieved. During the meeting, new directions of cooperation between Japan and Uzbekistan in the field of popularization and development of sports, including rugby, were discussed. The prospects and conditions for the implementation of new projects were discussed together with JICA and the Embassy of Japan in Uzbekistan.

The meeting was attended by officials from JICA, the Embassy of Japan in Uzbekistan, the Rugby Federation of Uzbekistan and the Asian Rugby Union. The JICA delegation, in addition to the head of the representative office, included the deputy head of the JICA representative office in Uzbekistan, Takemura Yoshimasa, and the coordinator of JICA volunteer programs in Uzbekistan, Odilkhon Hasanov. From the side of the Rugby Federation, the meeting was attended by Secretary General Kahramon Jalilov and Vice President of the Rugby Federation Timurbek Hikmatullaev, from the side of the Asian Rugby Union, representative for Central Asia Anatoly Shirov.