The Federation has prepared the publication of World Rugby textbooks in Uzbek

Within the framework of the visit of the General Secretary of Uzbekistan Rugby Federation
K. Djalilov to Moscow, a meeting was held with the leadership of the Rugby Federation of Russia to discuss possible ways to popularize rugby and develop bilateral cooperation. Following the meeting, an agreement was reached on the provision by Russian Rugby Federation of World Rugby textbooks in Russian for further translation into Uzbek.

The Uzbek Commodity Exchange, as well as the international sports organization Asia Rugby sponsored translation and publishing of the above-mentioned manuals in Uzbek (Latin and Cyrillic).

Such Federation’s activities are aimed at the successful implementation of the Get Into Rugby program, as well as improving the qualifications and literacy of novice athletes. These textbooks in Uzbek and Russian are planned to be distributed among schools and institutes in Tashkent, as well as regional rugby federations.