Rugby is a gentlemen’s sport

Rugby is a gentlemen’s sport

Rugby is a gentlemen's sport

In all British countries, rugby is still considered an elite, aristocratic sport, a reflection of its historical past. There is even a saying in England: rugby is a hooligan game played by gentlemen. Fortunately, now everyone, without exception, can play rugby, but still a certain flavor of clubbing has remained, as well as a special spirit and culture of the game.

There is such a thing as the spirit of rugby, which distinguishes this sport from others in that respect for the opponent on the field is necessary and largely determines the outcome of the game. There really is some kind of elitism and nobility in this, confirming the seemingly already dispelled myth about “sports for the elite”. It happens that adrenaline takes over, and you start to lose control, but even despite the excitement in rugby there is no place for meanness, posturing and simulation. In rugby, the public and the players on simulation react very negatively and are unlikely to be forgiven. Therefore, mutual respect, fortitude, overpowering oneself, physical and moral – are the constant companions of the rugby player. You need to fall a thousand times, get up and remember that if you relax, your partners will be under a heavy load. Therefore, endurance, patience, teamwork, nobility are brought up. Coaches teach physical skills – falling, getting up, enduring to the end, insuring partners, and respecting judges and opponents.

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