Spiritual development of rugby players

Spiritual development of rugby players

In the modern definition, physical education has several meanings at once. Among them are educational, health-improving, economic, general cultural and social achievement. It is the interconnection of the spiritual and physical personality differences that multiplies the value of sport several times, since it involves the process of interpersonal interaction of people. The athlete expands the boundaries of his capabilities, expresses and relays his emotions.

Since rugby is a power and contact sport, it requires not only good physical fitness from athletes, but also spiritual one. A psychologist works with athletes who monitors their emotional state, and, if necessary, conducts individual conversations in order to provide psychological assistance and support.

Any athlete aimed at achieving high sports results must be comprehensively developed both physically and spiritually. The essence of the spiritual world is made up of the general emotional and intellectual properties of a person associated with his mental abilities, thinking at the level of abstractions, his consciousness, worldview. For the spiritual development of athletes, a series of lectures is held, followed by a quiz on the topic: History, culture of our State, as well as the development of modern Uzbekistan. All this helps to instill in athletes the spirit of patriotism, love for the Motherland, as well as the desire to increase the potential of our country in the world sports arena.

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