Interview from Dzhalilov Kakhramon Khakimovich, General Secretary of the Uzbekistan Rugby Federation.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, colleagues and friends.

I am Kakhramon Jalilov, General Secretary of the Uzbekistan Rugby Federation.

Currently, in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, national and world sports are going through difficult times. So, the Rugby Federation had to postpone many events and competitions for an indefinite period, both within the Republic and abroad.

Today, the Rugby Federation conducts work on a remote basis. The management team operates daily, operational mode to resolve all emerging issues in connection with the current situation. The remote work of medical personnel to maintain health and prevent disease among athletes was delivered. In order to maintain the physical form of athletes, players, according to individual plans developed by the coaching staff of the federation, training is carried out at home. 

Monitoring of classes is carried out using a card of self-control of athletes for the period of self-isolation. We are confident that the unprecedented efforts made by our president and government will enable us to overcome all current difficulties.

Separately, we want to thank all the people who now work daily on the front lines and are fighting the epidemic. Stay home. Go in for sports. Take care of yourself. Together – we are strong

Currently, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the entire composition of the Rugby Federation has been in remote mode since March 24. Prior to the announcement of the quarantine regime, the Federation conducted awareness-raising campaigns among employees and athletes to protect against viral infection. , The building of the federation is also undergoing repairs.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Rugby Federation had to postpone indefinitely many important training and sports competitions among male and female teams in the republic and abroad.

Currently, the work of medical personnel in maintaining health and preventing disease in groups, thanks to the spread of the covid19 virus and the widespread quarantine and self-isolation regime, is carried out via the Internet. Groups are created in social. networks in which discussions are held on the prevention of infectious diseases and the observance of personal hygiene among athletes. At the same time, in order to maintain the physical fitness of athletes, according to individual plans created by a doctor and trainers of the federation, class monitoring is carried out for each player using the athlete’s self-control card for the period of self-control. -insulation. At the moment, the team does not have people with signs of the disease.

Pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 5969 “On Priority Measures to Mitigate the Negative Impact on the Economy of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the Global Crisis” of 03.03.2020, the Rugby Federation of Uzbekistan transfers wages to staff to support the welfare of remote employees. to your plastic card.

In this regard, on behalf of the Federation, I want everyone to stay at home during the quarantine period and go in for sports for better protection against the virus.