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New Zealanders voted for Pisho

New Zealanders voted for Pisho

In it, local rugby functionaries see the reformer that the game needs.

Presiding at the annual general meeting of the New Zealand Rugby Union, Brent Impi commented on the NZR position as follows: “We have already voted, and cast our votes for Agustin Piso. We are unhappy that there is simply no progress on some issues over the past few years: on National Championships, on developing countries, on changing rules, on representation in World Rugby and the powers of unions. We have great respect for Bill Beaumont as a person, but if you look at the past years … World Rugby policy has disappointed New Zealand. “

Impi also emphasized that another reason Pisho supported the local rugby union was the opposition from the Irish, Scots, and Welsh to create the Nation’s Championship, which would involve 12 teams. Despite the promised $ 6.6 billion investments in the first 12 years. “This was the last straw, we realized that World Rugby needed serious reforms. And the Celts and Italy itself are simply not ready for open competition,” added Impi.

He was supported by Mark Robinson, Executive Director of the New Zealand Rugby Union.

“Pisho is a great guy – so he was on the field and stayed outside. We have made great friends over the past 5 years. He understands everything he does. He is an innovator. He is an entrepreneur. I know that he will be successful as a leader, and will not spare money for the benefit of rugby,” Robinson gave the Argentinean such an assessment.

World Rugby chairman election results will be announced May 12.

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