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Asia Rugby EGM via Conference Call Concluded Successfully

Asia Rugby EGM via Conference Call Concluded Successfully

Asia Rugby EGM via Conference Call Concluded Successfully

Asia Rugby held an EGM on the 6th of September in Dubai UAE via conference call witnessing member unions voted to pass the Executive Committee proposed amendments to the Articles of Association.

The meeting was chaired by Asia Rugby President Qais Al Dhalai and observed by World Rugby representatives.

One of the changes that passed by a vote of 22 out of 25 was the change in the term of the Office Bearers and the Executive Committee members from 2 to 4 year cycle.

This change sees Asia Rugby fully aligned with international standards as practised by World Rugby, the International Olympic Committee, and other international and regional federations.

In another pioneering move, Asia Rugby decided to further the move towards balancing the board by addition of an extra Female Member to the Executive Committee making the minimum number to 2 of each Gender.

The change sets Asia Rugby as a leading regional body by enhancing the existence of gender equality and empowering women’s involvement in the decision making body of Asia Rugby.

Asia Rugby President Qais Al Dhalai commented on the EGM “I am delighted that the Asia Rugby members have overwhelmingly supported these Executive Committee recommendations.

The importance of these changes can massively be evident of the changing environment that we are adopting at the moment and most importantly are directly in line with our strategic plan’s pillars”

He added “Similarly, the increase of years within the office term of Office Bearers and EXCO member will give the committee decent timeframe to implement the key objectives outlined in the strategic plan which runs on a 4-year Cycle”

Al Dhalai also said “Finally, I am humbled by the confidence the members have shown me by their votes.

I hope to continue to lead by using my guiding principles of Equality, Transparency and Accountability and ultimately that together we take Asia Rugby Forward in these challenging times.  We can do better but TOGETHER”.

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