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Definition of a sports day in each sport

Definition of a sports day in each sport

Definition of a sports day in each sport

Since the beginning of this year, an online report has been carried out on preparations for the Olympic Games, work during the quarantine period, monitoring the health of our athletes and the licenses obtained for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. In an online meeting on October 7, 2020. A high-ranking official of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Sultanov, a representative of the Cabinet of Ministers Rashid Talipov, representatives of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports, leaders of the NOC, the leadership of federations and associations took part.

First, the director of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Sports Medicine at the NOC, Professor Abdushukur Sadykov reported on the work done in the field during the quarantine period, and the medical examination of athletes. According to the expert, over the past period, 16 athletes have been diagnosed with COVID-19, 2 of them have a mild form of the virus. The remaining 14 athletes fully recovered thanks to the efforts of doctors and returned to the national team.

After that, Nazirjon Khudoikulov, adviser to the NOC president, spoke in detail about the alleged licenses to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. According to him, our delegation is striving to obtain at least 110 licenses for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. In his speech, the expert also noted our achievements and shortcomings in this area.

During the online meeting, Sh. Sultanov and R. Talipov also expressed their views on the agenda items. The leadership of the federations was also instructed to provide the necessary sanitary and epidemiological equipment for the training bases of the national teams and to further strengthen the control, as well as to carry out the selection work.

The officials also suggested celebrating a specific day of the year in our country as a sports day for each sport. Of course, the goal of this is to further strengthen the popularization of mass sports and a healthy lifestyle among the population. At the moment, the Rugby Federation of Uzbekistan is in the process of discussing the choice of a specific date for “Rugby Day” in order to further conduct sports events.

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