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Representatives of Asia Rugby in Bukhara!

Representatives of Asia Rugby in Bukhara!

Representatives of Asia Rugby in Bukhara!

Today in our country a number of measures are being taken to develop and popularize rugby. In particular, serious attention is paid to the promotion of this sport in the regions, including the Bukhara region.

On November 17, 2020, Benjamin van Rooyen and Anatoly Shirov, representatives of Asia Rugby (Asian rugby), who visited Uzbekistan to popularize rugby, visited the old and young Bukhara Sharif. First, the guests got acquainted with the sports complexes of the region. Then, in the conference hall of the Bukhara sports complex, they shared their training programs and rugby skills.

At the meeting, it was noted that the Presidential Decree of October 29, 2019 “On measures to develop rugby in the Republic of Uzbekistan” marked a new era in the development of this sport in our country.

The Asia Rugby delegation will organize a 3-day training seminar for trainers of children’s and youth sports schools in Bukhara region and share their knowledge and skills. The purpose of the visit is to develop rugby in Bukhara region, popularize it among students and raise rugby on a par with other sports.

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