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Snow Rugby Tournament to be held in Dubai

Snow Rugby Tournament to be held in Dubai

Snow Rugby Tournament to be held in Dubai

On November 30, Moscow hosted a working meeting between Igor Artemyev, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Russian Rugby Federation, and Sheikh Qais al-Dhali, President of the Asian Rugby Federation, as part of the implementation of the Memorandum of mutual understanding signed in February 2020.

Welcoming the guest, Igor Artemyev stressed that cooperation with the Association of Asian Rugby unions is the most important area of international cooperation of the Russian Rugby Federation.

In this regard, the both sides discussed the establishment and organization of the Asian Rugby-7 Champions Cup, which is planned to be held in Russia in autumn of 2021.

The final games of the Cup can be held in Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk.

Sheikh Qais al-Dhali was interested in the prospects for the development of beach and snow Rugby, in which Russia is a European leader. The possibility of holding a presentation snow Rugby tournament in the indoor ski complex Ski Dubai in 2021 on the eve of the world series of Rugby-7 matches, which are traditionally hosted by Dubai, was discussed. An agreement was reached to return to the issue of the possibility of holding the Asian beach and snow Rugby Championships using the experience of holding such competitions in Moscow.

Following the meeting, the head of Asia Rugby expressed his satisfaction with the developing relations with the Russian Rugby Federation, noted the importance of cooperation plans and the opportunity to develop the game in all territories of Central Asia. Also, he emphasized Mongolia as one of the priorities of the Asia Rugby policy (Asian Rugby Federation). Since Russia borders Mongolia and Kazakhstan, and Krasnoyarsk, which is considered the heart of Russian Rugby, is only 1,900 kilometers from the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar.

Sheikh Qais al-Dhali thanked Igor Artemyev for his friendship and hospitality and added that  “Rugby unites communities and cultures, so let’s stick to the motto of Asia Rugby “We can do better, but only together.”

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