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The National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan is 29 years old!

The National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan is 29 years old!

The National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan is 29 years old!

The Olympic Games are one of the greatest and most remarkable inventions in human history. Thanks to this discovery, the nations and people of our planet are united under one goal. National Olympic Committees of all countries, which conduct their activities under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee, compete in international arenas for the honor and authority of their country. Including the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan.

Today is January 21, 2021. Exactly 29 years have passed since the establishment of the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan. The full implementation of international activities was made possible by the full recognition of our National Olympic Committee by the International Olympic Committee at its 101 session in September 1993. Since then, Uzbekistan has been taking part in the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

Since then, we have managed to win 10 gold, 7 silver and 18 bronze medals at the Winter and Summer Olympic Games. In order to achieve high results at international and complex competitions, the National Olympic Committee conducts its activities in conjunction with the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports, sports federations and associations of Uzbekistan. The organization is actively preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in accordance with the instructions of our distinguished President. For representatives of national teams, international training camps are organized for worthy preparation for the competition. 

And in the future, in particular, at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, we will defend the honor of our Motherland, try to please our people and the esteemed President with our victories.

Taking this opportunity, in connection with today’s significant date, we sincerely congratulate all sports federations and associations, national teams, Olympians and their mentors, fans of Uzbek sports. We wish you all good health and good luck.

We are very grateful to you for your cooperation, dear colleagues. The National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan values and respects each and everyone of you.

source: olympic.uz

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