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Another «revolution» from World Rugby

Another «revolution» from World Rugby

Another «revolution» from World Rugby.

Officials from the planet’s main rugby office presented to the public, a new procedure for selecting the hosts of the World Cup.

February 2021 – Dialogue Phase: An opportunity for open communication between World Rugby and unions, governments and other key stakeholders. This will allow potential hosts to understand the business and delivery model, how they will partner with World Rugby and ultimately build a compelling proposal.

May 2021 – Candidate Phase: Candidates will construct their detailed proposals with World Rugby providing ongoing clarification and support to ensure the best-possible model. The phase culminates with candidates submitting Candidate files, hosting agreements and guarantees in January 2022.

February 2022 – Evaluation Phase: Bids will be evaluated by relevant industry experts against the key criteria agreed by World Rugby Council. The evaluation report will be provided to Council for a vote in May 2022.

Bill Beaumont was not too modest and called this roadmap a new milestone in the history of the World Cups, attention and a new approach!

Source: rugger.info

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