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Choose the best Six Nations Cup match 2021

Choose the best Six Nations Cup match 2021

The last tournament gave us a whole collection of fights that were magnificent in terms of drama. Which one did you like the most?

What is a good match? And what are the criteria for choosing the best of the good? In truth, we do not know the answer to this question. Everyone has their own ideas. Therefore, in the case of KShN 2021, we acted simply. We crossed out all the fights with the participation of the Italian national team (we hope everyone agrees with this), and we will leave the rest to your judgment.

England 6:11 Scotland
Wales 21:16 Ireland
Scotland 24:25 Wales
Ireland 13:15 France
Wales 40:24 England
France 23:27 Scotland
England 23:20 France
Scotland 24:27 Ireland
Ireland 32:18 England
France 32:30 Wales
Source: rugger.info

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