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Development of athletes’ training system considered

Development of athletes’ training system considered

On July 9, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev became familiar with a presentation on the development of sports education and training of the Olympic reserve.

There are 15 Olympic reserve colleges, 344 sports schools and 7 higher sports schools in Uzbekistan. 380 thousand young people are engaged in more than 100 types of sports.

Over the past three years, students of Olympic reserve colleges have won 723 medals at the international competitions and more than 10 thousand medals at the national tournaments. About 4.5 thousand students were accepted to Uzbekistan national team.

It is necessary to strengthen the material-technical base of sports educational institutions, improve the qualifications of coaches for further development of this direction.

In particular, almost 6 thousand out of about 14 thousand coaches working in these institutions do not have a higher education. There are also not enough coaches in equestrian sports, modern pentathlon, rugby, shooting sports, archery, cycling, diving and synchronized swimming.

In this regard, issues of radical improvement of the sports education system, introduction of modern programs and methods, development of the material-technical base of institutions were discussed.

The Head of the state instructed to improve the infrastructure of Olympic reserve colleges and higher education institutions of physical culture and sports, improve the quality of sports education and expand the number of schoolchildren and students.

The President noted the importance of the interaction of Olympic reserve colleges with sports federations, the wide use of such specialists as promoters, scouts, agents in the promotion of talented youth and the development of these areas.

Instructions were given to improve the physical, medical and psychological training, pharmacological support of athletes. The need was noted for developing the scientific component of sports training and the management system of educational institutions.

Starting the 2021/2022 academic year, sports schools will train athletes with categories and titles based on a state order.

It was noted that it is necessary to attract qualified foreign specialists in those sports in which there are not enough coaches, to assign local coaches and students to study experience.

Instructions were also given on the construction and repair of sports-educational institutions, equipping them with modern equipment and sports literature.

Preparations for the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games were also discussed at the meeting. Uzbekistan athletes have won a total of 126 tickets to this prestigious competition, which will be held in Japan’s Tokyo.

The Head of the state noted the need for providing comprehensive support to athletes and coaches, creating all conditions for them to achieve high results. The President instructed to start preparing for the 2024 Olympic Games in France.

Source : uza.uz