Федерация регби Узбекистана
World Rugby introduced five new rugby rules

World Rugby introduced five new rugby rules

We tell you what changes will take effect in the championship of Russia in the new season (that is already today), and in the world in August. Spoiler alert – the game will change dramatically.

Rule #1 Rule 50-22

If a player of the team in possession of the ball knocks it out of their half of the pitch and the ball goes into touchin the opponent’s 22-metre zone, his team is awarded the right to be in touch.

Important: Play should start in the kicker’s half of the field – you can’t give a pass from the opponent’s half of the field, or kick at 22 after the opponent has taken the ball out.

Purpose: To create more space by forcing the defenders to prevent the opponents from kicking into touch.

Rule No. 2 Kick from the goal line

If the ball is blocked in the in-goal (no touchdown), if an attacking player has played the ball forward in the in-goal or a defending player has grounded the ball in the in-goal after the attacking team’s kick is taken, a bounce kick from anywhere on the goal line is awarded.

This rule does not apply if the ball entered the in-goal after a penalty kick, drop goal, kick-off or goal kick.

Important: you cannot procrastinate (the penalty is a 5-metre free kick), the ball must cross the 5-metre line after the kick (the penalty is a rerun or a scrum of the opponent’s choice) and not go into touch (the penalty is a rerun, a scrum or a 5-metre touch or quick throw-in of the opponent’s choice). In this case, the opponent can not run up or immediately after the catch hit the drop goal.

Rule #3 Preliminary binding of three players is forbidden

The attacking team gains a serious advantage by attacking in bunches of three players, virtually eliminating the fight for the ball and making tackling more difficult. The referee will now award a penalty kick in these situations.

Rule #4 Jackal Safety

“Jackal,” or “first comer,” is the defensive team player who fights for the ball before a ruck is formed. It is now forbidden to sweep “jackals” at their feet or to fall on their feet. The penalty, depending on the rudeness of the offense, ranges from a penalty to a red card.

Rule #5 Hook before tackle

This is not a new rule, just a clarification of an existing rule, but this change can affect the game more than any other. The two offensive players are still allowed to bind up before the tackle, but now the bind-up player has the same responsibilities as the sweeper. That is, he must stand firmly on his feet, enter through the wicket and not fall to the ground. Previously, such players often collapsed, interfering with the equal fight for the ball. The penalty is a free kick. 

Source: www.rugger.info