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Gender Equality at the Tokyo Olympics 2020

Gender Equality at the Tokyo Olympics 2020

Since the beginning of Tokyo’s selection to host the 2020 Olympics, the IOC has been concerned with making sure that everything is okay with the gender issue. On this occasion, several rules were introduced to protect women’s rights in the Olympics:

– For the first time, the IOC asked all 206 national Olympic committees to include at least one representative of each gender on their national teams

– To broadcast women’s and men’s events equally.

– The IOC Athletes’ Commission, which defends the rights of participants in the Tokyo Games, is made up of 11 women and six men.

– The number of women at the IOC has risen to 37.5%. In the executive committee it has risen to 33.3%. Before 1980s, there were no women at all on the Committee.

– Since 2004, there has been a commission for women in sport. And the Olympic Charter now says that the IOC fights for equal rights and inclusiveness for women.

They wanted to achieve balance everywhere and they have succeeded. For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, the number of female participants (51%) exceeded that of male participants (49%). The news was accompanied by a lot of controversy about the quality of the games of the opposite sexes and received a wide media coverage.