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Today is the day of adoption of the National Flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Today is the day of adoption of the National Flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Today our country once again celebrates a significant date.

The flag is a symbol of peace and tranquility, our confidence in a better future. He is dear to every citizen of our country.

Exactly 30 years ago, November 18, 1991 entered our history as the day of the adoption of the Law “On the National Flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

Every color and symbol on the National Flag carries a deep meaning.

They personify the noble ideas of the centuries-old national statehood, the natural, national and spiritual characteristics of the country.

The Law “On the State Flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan” defines the color-schematic order of the image and installation of this national symbol.

Blue is a symbol of clear sky and water. White as a symbol of peace and purity opens the way for the noble aspirations of the people of Uzbekistan. Green symbolizes renewal and youth, embodies the picturesque nature of the region.

Red stripes are the blood flowing in the veins of people, reminding of freedom-loving ancestors, a symbol of life power and eternity.

The young crescent moon means peace and tranquility reigning in the country, as well as a new era in the history of the state.

12 stars – a symbol of a clear, cloudless sky, perfection, wisdom.

We sincerely wish our Flag of Uzbekistan to proudly fly in different parts of the world, in sports arenas, during international competitions with the participation of our athletes.

When they stand on the podium and our flag is raised, we feel an indescribable sense of pride and love for our Homeland.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan, our federation congratulates all our compatriots!

We wish peace and prosperity to every compatriot, prosperity and development of our native country!

Happy National Flag Day, Dear Uzbekistan

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