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Women’s World Cup-2022 – a short guide to the tournament

Women’s World Cup-2022 – a short guide to the tournament

The coming year in terms of big rugby events was supposed to be marked by the Rugby World Cup-7. But the coronavirus vicissitudes of recent years have brought another tournament to 2022.

Initially, the tournament was planned to be held in September-October last year, but a variety of quarantines and the difficulties that followed forced World Rugby to move the main women’s tournament of the planet to 2022.

So, the Women’s World Cup 2022 will be held from October 8 to November 12 of the coming year in New Zealand. The tournament will traditionally be attended by 12 teams, 11 of which are already known.

New Zealand — Australia, Canada – USA, England – France.

Who qualified and how?

According to the results of the 2017 World Cup, the top seven teams (New Zealand, England, France, USA, Canada, Australia, Wales) received automatic qualification for the tournament.

In the African zone, the South African team won the qualification with a clear advantage.

Not a single match was played in Asia. The covid chaos forced the cancellation of the qualifying tournament. They just decided that the Japanese team would go to the World Cup.

And what about the Russian national team?

The Russian national team took part in the first stage of the qualification selection in Europe.

On March 8, 2020, when the whole world was already immersed in all sorts of quarantines, Valerian Bagdasarov’s wards defeated the Netherlands national team 27:21. A year later, in February 2021, our girls lost to the Spanish national team 7:56 and lost their chances of continuing the fight.

Spain beat Russia big time but still didn’t qualify for the World Cup?

Yes, that’s right. Last September, the second stage of the European qualification was held, where the teams of Scotland, Ireland, Italy and Spain met. The tournament turned out dramatically and ended… with the victory of the Italians.

And the Irish national team, for example, managed to concede to the Spaniards and for the first time did not qualify for the tournament.

Who is applying for the last ticket?

The chances of the only remaining ticket to New Zealand are saved by five national teams.

The tournament will take place in the spring or summer of this year. The winner will go to Group A for the teams of New Zealand, Australia and Wales.

Source: rugger.info