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Keyt Middlton played rugby

Keyt Middlton played rugby

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton took part in the first rugby match. She entered the Twinkenham Stadium in Britain.

For the game, Kate chose uniform trousers, a polo and a windbreaker. The royal’s hairstyle was elegant and simple – a high bun.

Kate Middleton recently replaced Prince Harry as patron of England’s Rugby Union. According to Middleton, she is happy with the new responsibilities, because she has loved this game since childhood. The whole Kate family follows this sport.

In an interview with Vanity Fair , the Duchess’s younger sister, Pipa, revealed that growing up, their family weekends depended on rugby schedules.

Earlier at the Christmas concert , Kate Middleton played the piano . The Duchess of Cambridge performed with Tom Walker in front of a thousand people.

Source: mir24.tv