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Interview with masseur of the rugby Federation of Uzbekistan with Popkova Victoria Viktorovna

Interview with masseur of the rugby Federation of Uzbekistan with Popkova Victoria Viktorovna

  • What are your professional qualities?

The profession of a sports massage therapist implies a high responsibility, strong sensitive hands, physical endurance, goodwill, a tendency to communicate and the ability to find a common language with athletes of different categories.

You need a tendency to improve your skills, to have the skills and techniques of sports and restorative massage, which is necessary for athletes after the training process.

  • What knowledge and skills should a sports masseur have?What knowledge and skills should be?

A sports masseur must master the techniques of restorative massage, know the basics of anatomy, human physiology, and understand which procedures should be applied in certain cases.

  • What warm-up methods would you recommend to athletes before a competition?

I think getting massage treatments would be ideal an hour before the training process.

In general, you can try to massage the “working” muscles a little yourself. Since after rubbing and kneading, athletes go to the warm-up until the moment – until the body starts to sweat from physical exertion.

After that, until about 10 minutes before the start, do gymnastics, active swing movements.

  • What specific techniques would you recommend for doing prelaunch massages on your own?

Basically, rubbing, some kind of rubbing in the “accessible” muscles.

They are unlikely to reach the back, so first of all the legs and arms.

You can also tone the muscles with light pats.

Movements should be short and shallow.

  • How long does the warm-up last?

Warm-up is individual for everyone. But in general it is generally accepted that it should continue “until the first drop of sweat from the nose”

Great tips thank you.

Press-secretary of the rugby Federation of Uzbekistan M. Abdumalikova