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Interview with Pavlenko Vladimir Vladimirovich – athlete in rugby team “University” (Tashkent), member of the national team of Uzbekistan and rugby referee

Interview with Pavlenko Vladimir Vladimirovich – athlete in rugby team “University” (Tashkent), member of the national team of Uzbekistan and rugby referee

  • Tell us about yourself.

I am Vladimir Pavlenko, born in 1999 in Tashkent.

I study at the Uzbek State University of Physical Culture and Sports.

  • Did you play any other sport before rugby?

I tried myself in taekwondo and judo, but I did not practice for a long time.

  • How did you get into rugby?

This is an amazing story when I was walking down the street with my friends and coach D. A. Kulikov approached us and asked if we would like to try ourselves in this sport.

  • What do you like most about rugby?

Rugby is not just a set of specific techniques used for defense or during sports competitions, as many people think. Behind every method lies the unity and culture of the sport and that’s what I love about rugby.

  • What position do you play in the team?

On the position of scrum scrum haw midfielder at number 9. This position – Scrum haw performs the interaction of attacking and defending players. The scrum haw receives the ball when it is thrown in from behind the sideline, supplies the scrum with the ball, and also takes the projectile after it is successfully played.

  • Who is training you?

I am trained by 2 coaches Kulikov Danil Alexandrovich and Gulyamov Asad Avazovich.

  • How does rugby help you in life?

During the game, you always have to quickly analyze everything and make decisions despite the difficult situation. Also in life you get used to it and learn to overcome life’s difficulties and acquire the ability to quickly make decisions in any life situations.

  • How did you decide to become a referee? What attracted you to this job?

I was interested in how the referees manage the game by keeping so many players under control at the same time.

  • How long have you been refereeing?

I’ve been a referee for about a year now. My first judging experience was at U-18 competitions among girls.

  • When you became a referee, did your perception of the game itself change in any way?

For me, refereeing has become a learning experience in itself. I mean, as an arbiter, you learn to make decisions in a short time and often at critical moments. Based on this, I set a goal to judge difficult matches at different levels in order to grow in these aspects.

  • Who is a good referee in your opinion, what should he be?

He must know the rules of the game, be confident in his decisions and always be in good physical condition.

  • How to become a rugby referee or referee?

The basic qualities of any referee are a thorough knowledge of the rules of the game and excellent physical fitness. I recommend that future referees start with online training. Register on the official World-Rugby website and start learning the game.

Key sections:

– Rugby Readyhttp://rugbyready.worldrugby.org

– Rugby ruleshttp://laws.worldrugby.org

When you feel that you are ready and show excellent results in online tests, contact the Rugby Federation of Uzbekistan, they will instruct you on further actions.

  • What are your plans for the future?

Become a rugby coach and contribute to the development of this sport in Uzbekistan.

  • Thank you very much for the interesting conversation!

Press-secretary of the rugby Federation of Uzbekistan M. Abdumalikova