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Asia Rugby continues to strive for Equality, Transparency and Accountability via Athletes Committee

Asia Rugby continues to strive for Equality, Transparency and Accountability via Athletes Committee

The Regional Association announced changes and additions to the committees giving even more members a voice in Asia Rugby matters in an unprecedented stance of 34 federations out of 35 national federations having members on various committees.

In December 2021, Asia Rugby Council approved the Executive Committee’s (EXCO) recommendation of changing the nomenclature of its Women’s Advisory Committee renaming it the Gender Equity Committee, whilst also endorsing the inclusion of individuals of both genders on this committee, chaired by Iranian Nahid Biyarjomandi who has taken over the Gender Equity Committee.

Asia Rugby President Qais Al Dhalai commented “With a unanimous support of the EXCO and Council, I am satisfied with the impressive female participation percentage in Asia Rugby Committees increasing by 32% from the time the new Executive Committee was elected in November 2019 until now; we are now at 33% female representation in all Asia Rugby Committees.”

At the Asia Rugby Annual Awards ceremony held in Dubai on 1st of December 2021, Michael Leitch the former captain of the Japan national team was announced as the first-ever Asia Rugby Players Ambassador and was also appointed as the Chair of the Athletes Committee.

The Asia Rugby Athletes Committee was set up to provide a platform for players to be part of the decision-making process in the Regional Association. National federations were requested to send nominations to serve on the committee with the final composition being approved as follows:

Chairperson         Michael Leitch (Japan)

First Deputy        Rozliana Mohd Ridwan  (Malaysia)

Second Deputy    Andre Jin     (Korea)

Member        Kashif Khawaja  (Pakistan)

Member        Sol Mokdad      (Lebanon)

Member        Butsaya Bunrak  (Thailand)

Member        Karina Sazontova  (Kazakhstan)

Source: asiarugby.com

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