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Interview with Tursunov Inomzhon Salovatovich

Interview with Tursunov Inomzhon Salovatovich

Please tell us about yourself.
I am Tursunov Inomjon Salovatovich, born on April 21, 1990, Samarkand region.
Where did you study?
I graduated from the College of Communications in Samarkand, majoring in International Operator.
Where do you work?
At the moment I work as a military man in the Andijan region.
How does your management feel about the development of sports in your field, among employees and employees?
My leadership is positive about the development of sports. Rugby players are constantly supported and given enough time to practice this sport.
Have you ever played any sport yourself?
I trained before Rugby Taekwondo ITF and am a master of sports. In addition, I played basketball
What sporting achievements have your athletes?
My team and I have been participating since 2014 in Rugby competitions. We are several times champions of Uzbekistan in Rugby-15, including Rugby-7
How do your athletes feel about rugby?
My team loves this sport very much.
What are your future plans for the development and popularization of rugby among your employees?
I plan to develop this sport in Samarkand. Become a coach and teach the younger generation how to play rugby correctly and pass on to them all the secrets that I know about this sport.

Press-secretary of the rugby federation of Uzbekistan M. Abdumalikova