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France may abandon evening rugby matches

France may abandon evening rugby matches

Matches under the spotlight are a distinctive feature of French rugby.

Late matches on Saturday and Sunday are one of the distinguishing features of the French Top 14. However, things may change from this season. The thing is that in France they have taken a course to reduce electricity consumption, because evening events, especially in winter, will be minimized.

Thus, the long-standing habit of French rugby fans to watch matches on Saturday and Sunday evenings may change. By the way, LNR fully supports the initiative of the authorities and is already looking for opportunities to hold matches in the daytime.

And if it is technically possible with the Top 14, then there are questions about the D2 matches. The fact is that matches in the second tier of French rugby are held on weekdays and if they are shifted to an earlier time, then fans will not be able to visit the stands due to the fact that they simply will not have time to get to the stadium from work.

Source: rugger.info