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What does the rugby uniform consist of?

What does the rugby uniform consist of?

Rugby is a dynamic and spectacular sport that places high demands on players in terms of physical fitness.

The equipment of professional athletes includes up to 9 types of ammunition.

Such a kit is explained by the peculiarities of the sport itself: rugby is a contact game with high injuries, which is reflected in the requirements for equipment. Its key purpose is to preserve the health of players and prevent their injury.

Features of sportswear for rugby

Rugby kit includes a jersey, shorts, compression boxers, socks and boots.

Separately, a protection kit is included, consisting of the following elements:

support (elbow pads, knees), made of elastic materials;

shin guards, the maximum thickness is 0.5 cm, the products are complemented with a soft cloth, worn over socks;

shoulder pads;



protective dental mouth guard.

High-quality synthetic materials are used for sewing rugby clothes.

The equipment naturally fits the body and protection, while the player’s skin breathes freely. The material almost does not crumple, does not shed and does not deform during washing.

The form used in American football, a type of rugby, is complemented by a frame.

This need is due to the more aggressive behavior of the players on the field.

The frame is formed by polymer plates and pillows located inside.

Such a system significantly softens the blows that fall on the player’s body.

Gloves of each rugby player have their own characteristics. For receivers, softer products with a special coating are used, thanks to which the ball is well held in the hands. Linemen have tighter gloves that can better protect their hands when falling and contacting opponents on the field.

Form personalization

Rugby equipment is made in a variety of colors. Clothing can have a standard design or personal, involving the application of logos, team symbols, surnames and numbers of rugby players.

Sponsor logos may be placed on shorts and T-shirts.

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