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The European Championship expands to eight teams

The European Championship expands to eight teams

The Championship Division is waiting for new members and an updated format.

In the next draw of the tournament, in addition to the usual Georgia, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Spain, Belgium, Germany and Poland will take part. Teams will be divided into two groups.

Group A: Georgia, Spain, Netherlands, Germany.

Group B: Romania, Portugal, Belgium, Poland.

All matches will be played in February – March 2023. The fans will also have a playoff stage and a day of the Grand Finals, where the place of each team in the tournament will be finally determined. Groups will change every two years. And a flight to the Trophy Division awaits the participant who took the last place in two draws. Accordingly, you can also earn promotion to the Championship once every two years.   

Rugby Europe also announced the list of participants in all divisions, except for Development.

Women’s Championship: Netherlands, Spain, Sweden

Men’s Trophy: Croatia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine.

Women’s Trophy: Finland, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Portugal.

Conference 1 North: Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Luxembourg, Moldova.

Conference 1 South: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Israel, Malta, Slovenia.

Conference 2 North: Andorra, Denmark, Finland, Norway.

Conference 2 South: Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey.

Source: rugger.info