Федерация регби Узбекистана
The Asian Rugby Championship under 20 among boys and girls took place.

The Asian Rugby Championship under 20 among boys and girls took place.

The Asian Rugby Championship under 20 among boys and girls took place.

On November 5-6, the Asian rugby-7 championship was held in the city of Angren, Tashkent region. The championship was held among boys and girls under 20 years old. Representatives of 8 countries (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, Malaysia, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Taipei and India) took part in this championship.

Despite the fact that rugby appeared in Uzbekistan not so long ago, our young athletes showed a strong game and high skill. The youth of Uzbekistan took an honorable 2nd place in the championship. We remind you that this indicator is the best indicator in the history of Uzbekistan in the sport of rugby-7. We sincerely believe that in the next tournaments they will take more prestigious places!

The Uzbek girls’ team also performed well despite the fact that their opponents were bigger and stronger.

The team of girls of Uzbekistan took 5th place.

Prizes among men:

  1. UAE
  2. Uzbekistan
  3. Malaysia

Prizes among girls:

  1. UAE
  2. India
  3. Thailand

Tournament schedule:

November 5

boys Malaysia India 26-17

boys Thailand Kyrgyzstan 45-0

boys Taipei UAE 5-36

boys Uzbekistan Kazakhstan 24-10

girls Thailand Uzbekistan 17-0

girls India Malaysia 29-10

boys Malaysia Kyrgyzstan 57-0

boys Thailand India 12-19

boys Uzbekistan UAE 0-36

boys Taipei Kazakhstan 36-0

girls UAE Uzbekistan 29-10

girls Thailand India 12-19

boys India Kyrgyzstan 48-0

boys Thailand Malaysia 17-19

boys Taipei Uzbekistan 10-17

boys UAE Kazakhstan 17-5

girls UAE India 12-5

girls Thailand Malaysia 7-19

November 6

girls UAE Malaysia 12-19

girls Uzbekistan India 5-28

boys Thailand Kazakhstan 21-10

boys Kyrgyz Taipei 0-51

boys Malaysia Uzbekistan 12-17

boys India UAE 0-40

girls UAE Thailand 19-21

girls Uzbekistan Malaysia 12-10

boys Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan 43-0

boys Thailand Taipei 7-22

boys Malaysia India 26-12

girls Thailand Malaysia 43-0

boys Uzbekistan UAE 0-34

girls India UAE 0-31

The mayor of the city of Angren Alisher Raimov Abdumalikovich, the director of the Republican School of Sports Games Jasur Akramov Anvarovich, the Deputy Minister of Sports Development Makhmudov Shahrullo Sharipovich, the chairman of the Rugby Federation of the Tashkent region Murodjon Nosirov Lazizovich, the general secretary of the Rugby Federation of Uzbekistan Jalilov Kakhramon Khakimovich were invited to the championship.

You can watch photos from past matches by clicking on the link.