Фeдeрация рeгби Узбeкистана

Women’s national team training sessions at RETB Yangiabad

Women's national team training sessions at RETB Yangiabad

On November 2, 2020, the women’s national team of our rugby players began holding training sessions at the republican training base Yangiabad (Dukent city), which will last until November 12, 2020. This event is aimed at improving the physical fitness and team spirit of the women’s team. Currently, international rugby organizations such as Asia Rugby and World Rugby are paying particular attention to the development of women’s rugby throughout the world. In turn, the Uzbekistan Rugby Federation has worked out the attraction of a female coach-consultant from Kazakhstan – Anastasia Khamova – an honored athlete in the world of women’s rugby, who is also present at the abovementioned training sessions. The introduction of coaching experience and knowledge of foreign specialists is the key to the fruitful development of rugby in our country.

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