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Asia Rugby «Unstoppable Asia» Campaign

Asia Rugby «Unstoppable Asia» Campaign

Asia Rugby «Unstoppable Asia» Campaign

In 2019 World Rugby launched the global ‘Try and Stop Us’ campaign highlighting the inspirational stories of fifteen ‘Unstoppable’ women from around the world.

As part of the second phase, Asia Rugby has launched the ‘Unstoppable Asia’ Campaign shining the spotlight on stories of remarkable Women in rugby in Asia. Asia Rugby has also launched a dedicated page for the Campaign.


Ada Milby, World Rugby Council member from Asia and Chairperson of the Women’s Advisory Committee, explains: “The campaign is building on the fantastic success of World Rugby’s Unstoppables with Asia being strongly represented in the World Rugby Unstoppables top 15.”

“World Rugby are now encouraging unions and regions all over the world to identify and promote their own Unstoppables and that’s what the Asia Rugby campaign is all about.”

Moreover, Milby adds, “The stories coming out of the countries across Asia have been really inspiring. Women in rugby are really passionate and engaged across all areas of the game from playing to coaching, match officiating to the board room.”

“I hope that this campaign will really inspire more women and girls to get involved in rugby. It is more than just a game – it is a community. The more girls who see women in the spotlight, the more likely they are to try, play and stay in the game.”

Asia Rugby received 80 applications from 32 countries, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Chinese Taipei, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Syria, Thailand, UAE, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

A delighted Asia Rugby President, Qais Al Dhalai, commented:‎ “I am very pleased to witness the progress of the Unstoppable Asia Campaign.  One of Asia Rugby’s top priorities is to further empower women to be players, leaders, match officials, coaches, educators, medical staff, mentors and fans.

“We hope that highlighting the inspiring stories of women who are pioneers of the game in their countries will inspire Asia to be a leading region in women’s sports.

I am encouraged to see so many of the member unions taking part, especially some of the newer Unions.

“I wish all the women taking part in the campaign the best of luck and I would again like to pledge that under my leadership,

I will do my best to ensure that the women’s game will go beyond just the rugby field as we also support future women leaders in all aspects of rugby.”

Nahid Biyarjomandi was part of the original World Rugby “Try and Stop us “ Campaign commented  “  I was lucky enough to represent Asia as one of the first World Rugby unstoppable and now have the  opportunity to Pass on the opportunity to the next set of Asia’s Unstoppable Women in Rugby this is truly an exciting time for Women’s Rugby“.

Source: www.asiarugby.com

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