We teach children to sports

We teach children to sports

As we all know, there is very little time left and summer will come. Our children will be blown out for the summer holidays and it is worth thinking about what to do with our children during the holidays? Of course, sports, because “in a healthy body – a healthy mind”

Regular physical activity is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Parents understand this, and therefore strive to instill in their children a love for sports and outdoor games. But the guys do not always want to study, preferring a quieter pastime. How to instill in them an interest in outdoor activities?

No matter how parents convince their children that playing sports is very interesting and useful, the children may have their own opinion on this matter. There may be several reasons why a child refuses to try his hand at this field:

-lack of proper physical fitness.
-no interest in sports.
-fear of being among the laggards.
-parents do not set a sporting example.
Each of these reasons can affect a child’s desire to play sports. To change your attitude towards active activities, you need to choose the right approach to communicating with your children.

It is important to remember that schooling is already a serious burden for the child. Any additional classes that he attends should be enjoyable, charge with a good mood. Therefore, in no case should you put pressure on your children, force them to attend those circles and sections that they do not like. It is better to offer the child several alternative options, among which he may find interesting for himself:

Teamwork. Rugby, football, basketball, volleyball – all these sports are perfect for those who love communication, love and know how to work in a team.

Sports and creativity together. Many sports sections are also creative. Dance, rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, figure skating, fencing.

Individual sports. Swimming, various types of martial arts, tennis, skiing – all this is perfect for those guys who like to be in the spotlight, to demonstrate their results.

Taking into account the tastes and preferences of the child, it will be possible to choose the most suitable section for him.

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