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Mongolia will return to classic rugby and send players to Japan

Mongolia will return to classic rugby and send players to Japan

The first steps have already been taken.

Last year we talked with the head of the Mongolian Rugby Federation (MRP) Munhbat Chuluun , who said that priority was given to the “7”, but, as they say, the new broom is sweeping in a new way. 

Batbayar Purevzhargal won the elections of the FRM, who outlined a different course of development.

Now Mongolia will give preference to the “classics”. More than 15 rugby clubs will appear in the country, and the national championship is already being broadcast on the local sports TV channel SPS Television.

In the coming years Purevzhargal wants to sign a partnership agreement with the Rugby Union of Japan and send the most talented rugby players to the Land of the Rising Sun.

By and large, such cooperation already exists. For example, last year, 17-year-old Norvoo Davaajav won a scholarship from the captain of the Japanese national team Michael Leitch and will go to study at the Sapporo Yamanote school, where rugby is actively cultivated.

In the future, Davaajav may get into one of the clubs of the Japanese championship and become the first professional rugby player in the history of Mongolia.

The Mongolian national team is expected to return to the Asian Nations Cup in 2022.

Source: rugger.info