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The rugby world has declared war on idiots

The rugby world has declared war on idiots

We are talking about those who took the fashion to run out onto the field during matches.

Two weeks ago, in the match between New Zealand and Wales, many saw a funny picture of how the All Blacks chanting “God defend New Zealand” got in a black rugby shirt and stood as if nothing had happened.

Later it turned out that this is a well-known lover of such antics in certain circles, a certain Daniel Jarvis, or, as he calls himself “Jarvo 69”.

Last weekend, the trick was repeated. This time, Jarvis visited the Aviva Stadium for the Ireland – Japan match. Many were moved and laughed at the bully.

True, exclamations have already begun to be heard, and what if not some eccentric runs out on the field, but who is more serious and more dangerous.

And now, a few hours later, something “more serious” happened. In the match Wales – South Africa.

On the 62nd minute of the match, with an equal score, the Welsh succeeded in a sweeping attack that stumbled over a running out fan.

Josh Adams ran out on an almost empty record book, but due to the fact that he had to make a few extra moves in order not to cripple the violator, the South Africans managed to close the gap in the defense and neutralize the threat.

As we remember, Wales never came close to trying and lost the match.

After a series of such incidents, the rugby community was outraged and demanded more control over what happens around the field during matches.

The legend of the New Zealand national team, John Kirwan, went through the situation rather harshly: “The saddest thing is that such idiots take seats in the stadium instead of the real fans and fans of the game.

The first time it was funny, but after the repetition of the incidents, I no longer smiled. “

Another ex-All Blacks player Mills Muliaina also did not select expressions: “First of all, who are these stewards at the stadium who slept through the fans’ entrance to the field. Secondly, everyone was terribly lucky that no one was injured or injured in the episode.

The same Adams was at speed, he could not have time to react and who knows how it would have ended. Both the player himself and the idiot we are discussing here could be injured. “

It is already known that a fan who ran out onto the field in Cardiff received a lifetime ban from attending rugby matches. As for the punishment of Jarvis, he got off with a fine.

Source: rugger.info