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A new rugby stadium will appear in Moscow

A new rugby stadium will appear in Moscow

An arena for 5,000 spectators will be erected in the Rumyantsevo district.

The Russian Rugby Federation and the Ingrad company will build a stadium in Rumyantsevo. The stadium with a capacity of 5,000 spectators will be built at the expense of investors and will be transferred to the ownership of the Russian Rugby Federation. The pre-project preparation of the object has begun.

Director General of the Russian Rugby Federation Pavel Fedorov noted: “This is one of our key infrastructure projects. Work with partners has been carried out over the past few years and now the contours of the future facility are clearly visible. The stadium will be built in a new housing estate, equipped according to all international standards with an artificial field of the latest generation, which will allow the facility to be used year-round. I would like to emphasize that this is a specialized rugby arena, which will become the home for the Russian Rugby Federation and our national teams.”

Source: rugger.info