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World Rugby continues to reform the game

World Rugby continues to reform the game

TMO judges will be given more powers.

From July 1 of this year, World Rugby will update the protocol for the use of TMO. From now on, video referees will be able to evaluate some game episodes without a corresponding request from the main arbiter of the meeting.

Now TMO judges will be able to contact the judging panel themselves if they see:

— the player’s going out at the time of fixing the attempt;

— a dangerous game and assess the degree of punishment;

— game forward;

— compliance with the necessary conditions for a quick throw-in of the ball from behind the sideline, as well as determining the place where the ball went into touch or out of the in-goal.

With this change, as with most others, World Rugby hopes to reduce the number and duration of pauses in play.

Source: rugger.info