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Congratulations on the International Olympic Day!

Congratulations on the International Olympic Day!

On the whole planet, the International Olympic Day is celebrated every year on June 23.

For the first time the idea to celebrate this holiday was announced in 1947 in Stockholm.

The initiators of the celebration proposed to allocate a day in the calendar, which will remind us all of the importance of promoting and developing sports and the Olympic movement.

This date was not chosen by chance. It was on June 23 that Pierre de Coubertin appealed to the public to revive the Olympics in Greece.

Uzbekistan Rugby Federation congratulates all athletes and coaches on the International Olympic Day.

Today, every athlete dreams of being a winner or even a participant in the Olympic Games. Olympic champions are a sporting asset of any country. Educating young people in the spirit of mutual understanding through sport to further strengthen peace is the goal of the Olympic Movement.

We congratulate all our Olympians and athletes on their professional holiday, wish them health, success, beautiful victories and bright emotions!

Press-secretary of the rugby federation of Uzbekistan M. Abdumalikova