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The results of past test matches led to shifts in the World Rugby rankings

The results of past test matches led to shifts in the World Rugby rankings

France topped the world rankings for the first time in history.

Teams of the Northern Hemisphere did a great job last weekend, winning all four games against their southern rivals. Naturally, this should have affected the balance of power in the world rankings, but it was hard to imagine that everything would change so much.

So, the French team, thanks to a strained, but still victory over Japan, for the first time in history, rose to the first line of the World Rugby rating. And she became the sixth rugby power, which conquered this peak.

The All Blacks, on the contrary, after a sensitive defeat from the Irish, fell to a record low fourth position for themselves. In general, only the Japanese team retained its position in the top ten of the ranking.

The second ten of the World Rugby rankings also had a noticeable stir. Firstly, the Georgian national team regained 12th place due to the victory over Italy, simultaneously sending Azzurri to 14th.

The most dramatic rise was made by the Romanian team. A confident victory over Uruguay allowed the Oaks to soar up three positions at once.

Outside the top 20, I would like to note the progress of the Algerian team. A team from North Africa two weeks ago lived in the region of 100th place, and now, due to two victories in the African Cup, it has risen to 74th place.

Source: rugger.info