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World’s top players to wear Smart Mouthguards at Rugby World Cup

World’s top players to wear Smart Mouthguards at Rugby World Cup

‘Smart’ mouthguards will be offered to all Rugby World Cup 2021 teams to help better understand and reduce concussion in the women’s game. The initiative is part of a ground-breaking Official Supplier deal with Prevent Biometrics, announced by World Rugby today.
Under the deal, Prevent Biometrics’ leading smart mouthguard technology, as verified in leading academic studies, will be offered to every player as part of a package of innovative welfare initiatives that will cement Rugby World Cup 2021 as the most advanced international sporting tournament ever held for player welfare. The landmark initiative comes with the full support of all participating teams.
The technology within the mouthguards will allow researchers to assess the frequency and magnitude of head contact and head accelerations, providing reliable, objective measures of both match and training head impact and contact load to players, coaches and academics.
World Rugby Chief Executive Alan Gilpin said: “We will never stand still when it comes to embracing the latest technology that has potential to advance player welfare in rugby. Rugby World Cup is the pinnacle of our game and though this study and others which will take place at the tournament we will make Rugby World Cup 2021 the most advanced major sporting event ever staged when it comes to player welfare.

Source: world.rugby