Федерация регби Узбекистана


ASIA RUGBY MEN’S AND WOMEN’S SEVENS TROPHY will be held on August 6-7 in Indonesia.

Among the women’s teams will take part: the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Mongolia, India, Singapore, Nepal and Guam.

Among the men’s teams will take part: Kazakhstan, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mongolia and Iran.

Unfortunately, the national teams of Uzbekistan were unable to take part in this competition due to high ticket prices for direct flights, inconvenient temporary docking of charter flights and insufficient funding.

            To date, the national rugby team of Uzbekistan – 7 has been prepared at a high level, as local and international training camps have been held in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Without a doubt, our teams could qualify for the first and second places of this tournament.

This victory could have a good effect on the rating of our country in the international sports arena.

Press-secretary of the rugby federation of Uzbekistan M. Abdumalikova