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Master class for the girls of Bukhara

Master class for the girls of Bukhara

A master class for the women’s rugby-7 team was held in Bukhara

On May 14, during the visit to Bukhara of the coach of the youth rugby-7 team of Uzbekistan Egor Lebed, the coach-consultant Andre Human and the consultant on the development of rugby in Central Asia Anatoly Shirov, a master class was given for the women’s team of Bukhara, which plans to take part in the republican competitions .

During the master class, the participants were shown a series of exercises to develop the skills of passing and catching the ball in motion, as well as decision-making. After the game training, feedback was given on the actions of the team and recommendations for improving team interaction.

The women’s rugby-7 team was created on the basis of the sports club of the Bukhara State University. The backbone of the team was made up of first and second year students of the Faculty of Physical Education of the Bukhara State Pedagogical Institute. The Universiade will be held on May 21-25, 2023.