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Championship of Bukhara region

Championship of Bukhara region

Rugby-7 regional championship was held in Bukhara

On May 14, on the football field of secondary school No. 10 of the city of Bukhara, an open championship of the Bukhara region in rugby-7 among children born in 2010-2011, 2012-2013, 2014-2015 was held. The teams are formed from students of secondary schools of the city of Bukhara No. 6, 9, 10, 29, 36 and 39.

The teams were divided into age subgroups and played in a round robin system (each with each). Refereeing of the matches was provided by Azizbek Turaev, Laziz Mavlonov and Sanjar Kurbonov. The winners and prize-winners of the championship were awarded medals and certificates of honor, which were allocated by the Department of Sports and Youth Policy of the Bukhara region.

The honorary guests of the championship were the coach of the youth rugby-7 team of Uzbekistan Egor Lebed, the coach-consultant of the national rugby team of Uzbekistan Andre Human and the consultant on the development of rugby in Central Asia Anatoly Shirov.

In Bukhara there are children’s rugby sections at secondary schools No. 10 coaches Laziz Mavlonov and Azizbek Turaev, coach No. 9 Azizbek Turaev and coach Sanjar Kurbonov at the Bukhara specialized art boarding school.

In Bukhara there are children’s rugby sections at secondary schools No. 8 coach Laziz Mavlonov, coach No. 9 Sanzhar Kurbonov, coach No. 10 Azizbek Turaev.

See more photos of the championship at the link.