Федерация регби Узбекистана
GIR in the school of Bukhara

GIR in the school of Bukhara

A rugby master class was held at the Bukhara secondary school

On May 13, a rugby master class for children was held on the football field of secondary school No 10 in the city of Bukhara as part of the Get Into Rugby program. The master class was held by the coach of the youth team of Uzbekistan on rugby-7 Yegor Lebed, coach-consultant of the national team of Uzbekistan on rugby Andre Human.

During the master class, young rugby players performed a number of exercises to develop passing and catching the ball on the move, as well as to make decisions. At the end of the master class, the participants played relay races, where they were able to consolidate their skills.

The master class was organized with the assistance of the senior rugby coach of the Bukhara region, Azizbek Turaev.